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Boat owner jailed over ‘junked’ vessel

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Boat owner jailed over ‘junked’ vessel
News from KeysNews.com (registration):

Florida Keys News – Key West Citizen

Boat owner jailed over ‘junked’ vessel


The Galaxy got stuck.

A 69-year-old Marathon man was jailed this week after state officers said he failed to remove a wrecked boat from the channel to the Boot Key towers, where the vessel Galaxy remained Friday.

Cody Middleswart is accused of leaving a junked vessel in the waters of Florida since July 29, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Friday.

Since July, FWC officers have posted a “derelict” notice on the boat, sent a certified letter to the owner and kept tabs on the vessel. Middleswart said he bought the vessel July 14, for the amount of “gift,” and tried to sail it from the end of 47th Street to the Boot Key Towers, FWC spokesman Bobby Dube said. The Galaxy took on water and Middleswart said he got it to shallow water to avoid sinking completely. The vessel keeled over after it was grounded in the channel.

FWC officers arrested Middleswart on Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of the misdemeanor charge.

About one hour later, Middleswart was released from jail after posting $ 328 bond.

Middleswart on Tuesday told FWC that he could make payments to the FWC if it could remove the Galaxy.

FWC reported Tuesday that the wooden hull is deterio…………… continues on KeysNews.com (registration)

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Fishermen angry over state’s new gillnet rules

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Fishermen angry over state’s new gillnet rules
News from HeraldNet:

Published: Sunday, January 13, 2013, 10:56 p.m.

By Natalie St. John, Longview Daily News

SKAMOKAWA — When Marty Kuller was growing up in Seward, Alaska, commercial fishermen walked tall, and little boys like Kuller looked up to them.

“Growing up as a young man, the commercial fishermen were the pillars of the community. As a young man, that was my dream. You know how something like that can take hold in you,” Kuller, 50, said last week.

But these days, gillnetting no longer fills his heart with pride and excitement.

Kuller still gillnets on the Columbia River and purse-seines in Alaska, and he’s branched out into fish-buying, working with fellow Skamokawa gillnetter Kent Martin and others to deliver salmon to high-end specialty markets around the region.

But as the political controversy over gillnetting and the competition with sports fishermen have built to a climax, Kuller and other gillnetters on the Lower Columbia are losing faith that a new Columbia River fisheries plan will leave a place for them and their way of life.

In fact, Kuller has made the drastic decision to leave Wahkiakum County. Within the next few years, he will move himself, his wife, Vicki Sue, and daughter, Whitney, to a recently purchased property near Lake Havasu, Ariz., thousands of miles from the landscape and profession that ha…………… continues on HeraldNet

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Founder of Miami’s Estrella Insurance in legal battle over sinking of his …

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Founder of Miami’s Estrella Insurance in legal battle over sinking of his …
News from MiamiHerald.com:

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In the early morning of May 3, 2009, auto insurance mogul Nicolas Estrella’s 80-foot yacht was stolen from the dock next to his Mediterranean mansion on Key Biscayne.

Last week, state insurance fraud detectives arrested the vessel’s former boat captain, Robert Figueredo, on charges of stealing Star One — before he allegedly sank it off the Bahamas.

But the case does not involve a routine theft, according to the insurance company that refuses to pay Estrella’s $ 3 million claim for the loss of his Azimut yacht. In a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed by Estrella, Federal Insurance Co. in turn has accused him of collaborating with Figueredo to purposely sink Star One to collect a big insurance payout.

Estrella, 60, who founded…………… continues on MiamiHerald.com

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Miami Boat Captain Charged with Insurance Fraud Over Sinking of $1.8M Yacht

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Miami Boat Captain Charged with Insurance Fraud Over Sinking of $ 1.8M Yacht
News from Insurance Journal:

A Miami boat captain has been arrested on a first-degree grand theft charge for allegedly sinking a $ 1.86 million yacht in 2009 off the Bahamas.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced the arrest of Robert Figueredo by detectives from the Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF).

“There is no such thing as a victimless crime,” CFO Atwater said. “Those who reap the spoils of perpetuating fraud victimize every Florida consumer. Those who cheat their fellow Floridians out of their hard-earned dollars will be captured and put behind bars.”

The division initiated an investigation into the sinking of the 80-foot yacht “Star One” reported stolen from Key Biscayne on May 4, 2009, one day after it was discovered scuttled in an area known as the “Tongue of the Ocean” offshore from the Bahamas.

Atwater said suspicions of Figueredo’s involvement were initially raised by a statement from Figueredo’s ex-girlfriend, who told police that he had bragged to her that he had sunk the boat deliberately.

Figueredo gave a sworn statement to the insurance company that he had no knowledge of the theft, and he was completely unaware of who had taken the Star One, according to officials. Federated Insurance Co. received the claim for the sunken boat.

Figueredo wa…………… continues on Insurance Journal

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Rights group blasts NATO, others over sea deaths

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Rights group blasts NATO, others over sea deaths
News from WQOW TV News 18:

Associated Press

BRUSSELS (AP) – A European rights watchdog blasted NATO and other Western coast guards on Thursday for failing to aid a boat of migrants adrift in the Mediterranean Sea during last year’s military campaign against Libya.

A report by a Council of Europe committee said only nine of 72 people on board survived after it drifted for two weeks without assistance when its engine failed.

NATO, whose warships and maritime aircraft were patrolling the area at the time to enforce an arms embargo against Libya, rejected the accusations.

Tens of thousands of people fled Libya to neighboring countries in 2011, many of them aboard rickety boats heading for Malta and Italy. They included a large number of Africans who had either lived and worked in Libya or who were waiting for an illegal crossing to Europe.

“NATO failed to react to the distress calls, even though there were military vessels under its control in the boat’s vicinity when the distress call was sent,” said the report published Thursday.

The report said a helicopter dropped biscuits and water to the migrants but never returned, while a large military vessel came close to the boat but ignored obvious distress signals. The migrants eventually drifted back to Libya, but not before most aboard had died of exposure or thirst.

The…………… continues on WQOW TV News 18

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JP deputy resigns over NOPD insurance scheme

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

JP deputy resigns over NOPD insurance scheme
News from WWL:


Posted on February 8, 2012 at 5:50 PM

Updated today at 6:02 PM

Katie Moore / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS — An insurance scheme that allegedly involved at least two New Orleans Police officers also entangled a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputy.

Sheriff Newell Normand said Deputy Danny Spears resigned over the allegations last week, and in a tragic development, it appears one of the New Orleans police officers involved took his own life.

Sources said the scheme allegedly began with New Orleans Sgt. Kevin Guillot. According to the sheriff, Guillot filed a report saying his truck was stolen at a Jefferson Parish boat launch, and Spears admitted to investigators that he wrote the fraudulent report.

“We were notified last week he was fully cooperating with the investigation and he had made some admissions relative to criminal culpability with regard to an insurance claim investigation by the federal authorities,” Normand said.

Once he learned about it, Normand said he called Spears in for a hearing.

continues on WWL

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Another Lawsuit Filed Over ’09 Boat Wreck That Killed 5

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Another Lawsuit Filed Over ’09 Boat Wreck That Killed 5
News from Insurance Journal:

The owner of a boat that slammed into a barge at night off the Louisiana coast, killing all five oilfield workers on it, has sued its insurance companies in federal court.

Tarpon Rental Inc. says Chartis Specialty Insurance Co. and American International Specialty Lines Co. are refusing to pay claims filed against Tarpon Rental, The Courier of Houma, La., reports.

The suit asks that a judge rule the companies’ policies were in effect during the crash, and that the companies broke state law by not paying the claim. The suit seeks an unnamed amount of money for damages and court costs.

“(The companies) denied coverage under their respective policies and refuses payment of any claims or damages,” the lawsuit says.

The barge’s owner, Antill Pipeline Construction Co. of Houma, has been sued on claims the barge was improperly moored and unlit, making it hard to see in the dark. The federal court is also Antill’s request to limit its liability in those state court lawsuits.

The crash in May 2009 killed Tarpon Rental employee Michael Carrere, 43, of Bayou Blue; Carey Meche, 52, of Metairie; Bill Voss, 49, of Katy, Texas; Rene Gauthier, 59, of Houston; and Lawrence Flak, 54, of Conroe, Texas.

The men had planned to attend the Houma Oilman’s Fishing Invitational in Cocodrie, an annual three-day charity event…………… continues on Insurance Journal

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Fight over waterfront damage may scuttle boat show

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Fight over waterfront damage may scuttle boat show
News from Sun-Sentinel:

West Palm Beach says the boat show’s production company caused $ 141,500 in damage at the waterfront during the 2010 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

WEST PALM BEACH — Mayor Jeri Muoio threatened to cancel one of the city’s premier events over $ 141,500 in damage the city says the boat show’s production company caused at the waterfront during the 2010 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Dane Graziano, chief operating officer of Show Management, denied his company caused major cracks on a city platform at the waterfront. The city filed a lawsuit in August, and the matter is now in the hands of Show Management’s insurance company. This year’s boat show is scheduled for March 22-25.

At Tuesday’s commission workshop, city officials said it is undeniable that the management company caused the damage when the forklift it was using dropped beams on a waterfront stage, referred to as The Palm. City workers witnessed the damage, Parks and R…………… continues on Sun-Sentinel

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Fla. agency owner, CSR arrested over boat insurance policies

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Fla. agency owner, CSR arrested over boat insurance policies
News from IFAwebnews.com:

A Charlotte County, Fla., insurance agency owner and a customer service representative were arrested for allegedly selling unauthorized boat insurance policies to more than 20 people in the state.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said Jack C. Alexander Sr., 60, owner of Insurance Depot of Charlotte County, and Kristin R. Decker-Hopkins, 26, an employee, were charged with representing an unauthorized insurer.

Investigations by the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Agent & Agency Services and Division of Insurance Fraud revealed that Alexander and Decker-Hopkins allegedly knowingly represented an unauthorized insurer, the International Water Safety Foundation (IWSF). They allegedly sold IWSF boat insurance policies to more than 20 consumers, and the investigations revealed that at least two consumers filed insurance claims and have not been compensated by IWSF.

Under Florida law, anyone who sells an unlicensed insurance product…………… continues on IFAwebnews.com
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Value of “hurricane haul-outs” totals over $216 Million

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Value of “hurricane haul-outs” totals over $ 216 Million
News from Bangor Daily News:

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — As a hurricane approaches, having a boat hauled to dry land offers the most protection from damage. But hauling can come with a cost, making the decision potentially expensive. That’s why having “Hurricane Haul-out” coverage in your boat’s insurance policy, which helps defray the cost to remove a boat from the water, is so important.

With last month’s Hurricane Irene, BoatUS reports that the total value of the boats removed from harm’s way under its marine insurance hurricane haul-out provision totaled over $ 216 million.

All BoatUS boat policies include “Named Storm Haul-out Reimbursement.” When a boat is in the path of a NOAA-named storm (within the five-day “cone”), a boater is eligible for 50 percent of the cost of labor, up to $ 1,000, to have the boat professionally hauled, prepared and tied-down by professionals which includes marina or boat club staff, paid captains, dock masters or marine surveyors. With BoatUS, a hurricane haul-out “claim” doe…………… continues on Bangor Daily News
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